By registering as an exhibitor at The Oregon Christian Home Education Conference, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

The Oregon Christian Home Education Conference is a ministry of the Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network (OCEANetwork).  OCEANetwork exists to serve the Lord Jesus Christ through supporting and encouraging Christian home education and protecting and advancing private home education in Oregon for all.

OCEANetwork has contracts with the Linn County Expo Center (the facility) and FERN Exposition Services (the decorator). Only OCEANetwork may authorize confirmation of an exhibitor. Space is reserved and booth assignments are made on a first-paid, first- served basis and in the interest of continuity of the exhibit hall for the benefit of the public.  

PLEASE NOTE: Booths purchased after May 20th might not be listed in the printed programs.  After June 1st, booth purchases must be pre-approved before ordering.

Booth configuration:  Each 10’ x 10’ booth is decorated with 8’ back and 3’ side draping and includes a skirted, 8-ft. table. Drape colors are royal blue and white. Tables have a white top and royal blue skirt. The booth has an identification sign with the company name (which you have indicated on this agreement) and booth number. Linn County Expo provides free WiFi dedicated to show management and vendors.  Electrical outlets are available when paid for in advance as part of this exhibitor’s agreement.  Booth amenities purchased at the event will incur a higher cost.

Fern Exposition requires that we provide the company name and an email address for each exhibitor so they can offer additional services directly to exhibitors.  If you would like us to share a different email address than the one you provide to us, please let us know by email when you register.  We do not share your contact information with anyone else.

Each booth purchase includes admission for two adult exhibitors. Children ages 5-18 are $10 each.  Exhibitors taking shifts at the booth are each considered as separate exhibitors.  Additional exhibitors not registered for the conference must purchase exhibit hall passes (they may be ordered in advance for $20 on your contract or purchased at the door).  Name badges ordered by May 20th will be pre-printed exhibitor name badges. Name badges purchased at the door are blank exhibitor badges with space for names to be written.

All fire regulations are enforced. Fire lines are clearly marked. All stock, displays and furniture must be inside your booth.  All tablecloths in your booth must be fire-retardant. Violation of fire regulations is cause for cancellation of this agreement without refund.

Exhibitor workshops are available for 50-minute time slots during the conference. These are regular conference rooms with theater-style seating, built-in projector and screen, lectern, and microphone.  Most of the exhibitor workshops are provided during the lunch break.  Attendees are encouraged to get a lunch and bring it to the workshop.

Exhibitor workshops are subject to approval by the OCEANetwork conference committee.  OCEANetwork reserves the right to cancel any workshops not deemed appropriate for our attendees or consistent with our mission and purpose.  Workshop fees will be refunded in this case.  Exhibitor workshops may be recorded for quality purposes and select recordings may be available for sale at the conference and/or on OCEANetwork’s website. 

Giveaway Extravaganza – OCEANetwork is pleased to offer exhibitors the opportunity to participate in a promotion designed to draw attendees to your booth! Pre-printed postcard-sized "Passport" cards with a limited number of participating exhibitors and their booth numbers will be distributed (one per family) to attendees at registration. Adult attendees must visit each booth listed on the card and listen to a two-minute presentation by the booth workers to get their card stamped. Completed cards will be submitted for entry into a drawing at the conference and the winners will take home an iPad or Kindle Fire HD!  The first 14 companies to submit their completed contract and payment with the Giveaway checked will be included in this promotion. This is an especially helpful promotion for lesser-known businesses in order to get customers to stop at your booth.

Prizes will be awarded in promotions prior to the conference (primarily a “Facebook Party”).  If you would like to donate products for these prizes, please notify us by May 1st and we will feature your company/donation during our promotions.  Prizes may be digital gift certificates or physical products.  For physical products, we will send you the name and contact info for the winner and you would send your prize to them. Discount coupons requiring a purchase would not be appropriate for this promotion.

Program advertisement space may be purchased in the registration process.  Click here for more details.

Music (live or recorded) and other devices producing sound may be used conservatively with consideration of the surrounding exhibitors.  OCEANetwork show management may require exhibitors to limit volume if it results in complaints from attendees or nearby exhibitors.  No public address systems may be operated from an exhibit space.

Wi-Fi is available on-site for free.  The password will be provided when you arrive.  Please note: the Wi-Fi is provided by the facility.  OCEANetwork has no control over the reliability of this service.  If you are dependent on Internet access, it is advisable to bring a "back-up" Internet access device in the event the facility Wi-Fi is interrupted or inadequate. 

Parking is free.  Overnight RV parking with hookups is available for a fee through the Expo Center. You can reserve a space here.

If you need to ship materials, Fern Exposition Services will provide information for their shipping and handling services via email.  DO NOT send materials directly to the venue!  They are often lost, and an additional fee is incurred.

A Free Literature Table will be set-up next to the OCEANetwork booth.  We now offer an option for you to send catalogs or flyers to be displayed on this table.  The table will be serviced and re-stocked regularly to maintain an attractive display.

Shopping hours: Tentative shopping hours are Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Your exhibit is expected to be presentable and available to the public during the entirety of those hours.  In consideration of the exhibitors around you, please do not close-down your booth prior to the exhibit hall closure.  (Note: these hours are subject to change.  Please refer to the final schedule which will be sent with your move-in details two weeks prior to the conference.  Hours will also be posted on our conference website in April.

Please see Move-in Details page for times, location, and further details regarding move-in/out.

A few multi-level marketing companies or companies offering business opportunities in addition to their products may be invited; however, these companies are only invited for the purpose of selling materials and services deemed appropriate for this event.  Promoting distributorships or sales opportunities (including hosting product parties) is strictly prohibited unless special arrangements have been made with the event coordinators in advance.  Exhibitors who do not comply may be required to leave the exhibit hall with no refund given.

We do not include exhibitors featuring products with health or mental health claims, including but not limited to: essential oils, vitamin supplements, herbal supplements, or treatments (including mental health counseling) or remedies.

If the nature of your business has changed since our initial invitation, please contact us before you register!  Your invitation was based on the information you initially provided. If the products and/or services you offer have changed in nature, we will need to re-evaluate your business.  OCEANetwork reserves the right to cancel your registration if it does not reflect the originally approved business.

This conference is a forthrightly Christian event.  All materials displayed must be acceptable to the Christian community.  OCEANetwork reserves the right to require exhibitors to remove potentially offensive materials from their displays.  Proselytizing for any specific church, denomination, or religion is not permitted. Exhibitors who do not comply may be required to leave the exhibit hall with no refund given.

It is OCEANetwork's policy to promote private (i.e. not publicly funded), Christian home education; therefore, companies who actively promote programs funded by public education monies (such as signing up for public charter schools in order to pay for materials or services) are not permitted.  Exhibitors who do not comply may be required to leave the exhibit hall with no refund given.

If for an unforeseen reason you must cancel your exhibit hall registration, OCEANetwork will refund your registration upon written notification of cancellation on or before April 15th, minus a $50 processing fee. From April 16th to May 15th, 50% of registration will be refunded upon written notification. Refunds will not be issued after May 15th.

All activity related to your business must be confined to your booth.  Business solicitation at this event, including passing-out flyers, gathering petition signatures, etc. outside of your booth is strictly prohibited.  Violators will be asked to leave with no refund given.

Please keep a copy of this agreement to reference during move-in. (Home office: PLEASE forward a copy of this to your exhibit staff.)