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Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Oregon Christian Home Education Conference.


The Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network (OCEANetwork) is a forthrightly Christian organization established to promote private (i.e. not government funded), parent-led, home-based education.


OCEANetwork hosts the annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference to help encourage and equip families who are considering or are already teaching their children at home independently.

Our conference includes a large exhibit hall featuring curricula, extra-curricular activities, and other resources specifically suited to independent Christian homeschooling families.

Exhibitors participate by invitation only. If you are offering products and/or services fitting our mission, we invite you to apply by filling the form below. (Please do not apply more than once! If you have already applied and have questions, please email

Please note: we do NOT include exhibitors offering the following:

  • Health (including mental health) services or products making health claims (including, but not limited to, essential oils, nutrition supplements, medical services, etc.)
  • Private, hybrid, or micro schools or "co-ops" offering more than half of a child's academic instruction.
  • Multilevel marketing companies (note: we occasionally invite certain exhibitors to promote their relevant products ONLY – no promotion of events, distributorship opportunities, etc. is permitted).
  • Programs or curriculum actively promoting public funding as a means to use their products or services.
  • Programs which are publicly funded (such as public charter schools).
  • Organizations promoting a specific denomination or church affiliation.
  • Materials which may be considered offensive to Christian homeschooling families.
  • Products and/or services which are not specifically relevant to Christian homeschooling families.
  • Products and/or services which are not consistent with our Statement of Faith

Applications will be reviewed by the OCEANetwork conference committee to determine whether applicants would be a good fit for the exhibit hall, in keeping with the stated mission and purpose. OCEANetwork reserves the right to decline applications without comment.

Sample materials are extremely helpful! Please submit books, sample curriculum, etc. to: OCEANetwork Exhibitors, PO Box 262, Wilsonville, OR 97070.

Request Vendor Invitation

If you have already participated as a vendor or received a previous invitation, please do not fill out this form. Simply email to request another invitation.

Please describe your company and the products/services you offer.